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When we are willing to own the deep reflection of life we can recognize the true wisdom it is presenting us .

Most of us when, faced with any kind of difficulty or confrontation in our life. Spend a lot of time, looking at the details, and the other person, place or thing that seems to be bringing this up for us. However, if we have experienced in this way long enough, we soon realize that the answers do not lie in the typical actions of fixing the surface dynamics or  in projecting blame onto another and moving into avoidance of circumstances.

Everything that happens to us is a deep reflection, a communication offering us the opportunity to evolve further. To notice where we have been out of alignment, and where we have sacrificed our own authenticity for the value we place in another's opinion, or even more disguised  in our own idealized judgment of ourselves.

When we make conclusions that have us avoid things in life, we are just setting up future appointments with those very things that we try to avoid. When we try to fix the details on the surface, we miss out the underlying message that is pointing towards an internal dynamic of ourselves.

The true wisdom in every moment is found when we move to total ownership. We recognize that no matter how much we can justify responsibility or blame outside of ourselves, that the healing, revealing and evolving, only ever happens when we recognize that it is a reflection of our own internal story about ourselves. And so be grateful for what ever arises  for it is guiding you to drop a piece of baggage about your identity that is no longer in service to your highest experience and reveal an inner betrayal that is time to surrender.

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