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We are designed to thrive, and all that requires is the trust in that statement

Many of us believe that the outcome of our lives is in question and that if we wish it to improve then we are the ones who have to put effort into making that happen . We believe there is a particular way to do this and we are always looking for the right way so that we can benefit from it and judging ourselves if we have a perceived negative consequence , because we believe somehow we made a mistake.

Yet this system is based on the mistaken idea that gain is good and loss is bad , yet sometimes holding on prevents us from receiving and letting go allows us to upgrade to something new . When we are willing to see that we can release our rigid ideas around what  is serving us and be open to discover how what might seem a negative outcome is actually a positive direction.

We are all designed to thrive , its is the continuous evolution of life to advance to a more joyful , blissful state. Everyone one of us are encouraged to drop whatever baggage we are holding on to, so that we can more fully engage with this momentum . All that it requires is for us to truly embrace the idea of Thriving , recognizing that even when we cannot see it, this is what is occurring and trusting  the outcome is always in our favor .

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