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Don't imitate , INNOVATE

We are all plugged into our own unique connection to source . As children we have no blocks to  this expression and allow this creativity to flow out in all manner of ways . However as we grow up we forget that it is the expression of source that gives us pleasure and start to be concerned with how it is received by others .

In the modern world we have taken this art of exterior approval to amazing heights , using Ai & algorithms to collect data and constantly refine our creative ideas to attain the most 'likes' , yet at what cost ? For our authentic creative expression is perverted for the sake of external success.

Guided by worldwide trends our creative source is subverted to attract the mass approval and we start to imitate that which we feel will bring us this .

Yet authentic creation comes from a place deep within and its unadulterated artistic expression is the greatest form of innovation, that when courageously undertaken inspires both ourselves and those that witness it .

What amazing original idea are you ready to give birth too ?

Please share with me in comments

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