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When you compare life never looks fair !

The BIG U 3/2/21

When we look outside of ourselves and compare our lives or experiences with those of others we can often see differences, and if we are in lack we can perceive those differences as unfair, yet each of us are unique and every step we take on our life journey individualize is us more, so comparison will always seem unfair because you are looking at a completely different souls journey and what serves them in the current Evolution might not currently serve you.

In trying to see ourselves as all the same from the human viewpoint we wish to equalize the playing field, yet from our The BIG U’s perspective,We are always getting the next experience offered to us to evolve us on our own individual journey since we are all at different points along our path, and it serves us perfectly from this perspective.

So if seen this way Life is always fair, it will give you exactly what you need to drop your fears and your doubts , yet sometimes when stuck in these challenges, from that limited perspective It seems unfair by comparison to others. So the answer is to drop some limitation you are holding onto and then we discover how that challenge served us and enabled us to grow, and we open up to Evolve towards our unlimited self !

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