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Updated: Mar 1, 2021

For every layer That is removed clarity is revealed

The BIG U 2/28/21

In our lives we have aquired many layers to ourselves for many different reasons, yet a lot of them are for protection and at the time that we created these they served us and yet when we become attached to them and identify ourselves with them then they can become stifling and restrictive.

The grand scheme of our life will attract people places and things that will seem to threaten us, yet actually threaten our layers , our defense mechanisms and we can become very defensive as we try to retain these aspects that we identify as us.

However our soul is always on the journey towards freedom, and this freedom is an inside job, it is ourselves that can choose to drop these layers instead of holding onto them so tightly and when we do the freedom we struggled for on the outside becomes available to us on the inside.

So when life sends you challenges and you seek to to defend , first take a moment and see if there is a layer that no longer serves you , some baggage your carried too long , and allow yourself to drop it and discover the lightness of your true being in that release.

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