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Embrace the Differences

Our only differences are of perspective and when we learn to accept another’s viewpoint we expand our own

There seem to be many differences in our lives , with all others coming from their own individual perspective. Although at times this can seem challenging and at odds with our own , ultimately they all make up the multitude of perception that collectively is the experience and vision of source .

We are all uniquely positioned to see the world and our place in it from a one of a kind viewpoint ,as it has been informed, formed by , every step we took before to arrive at this place, witnessing life’s unfolding Tapestry of experience. Each moment we observe, we reflect against our previous decisions about what is so , and then with judgement we create a new conclusion of what it should mean to us .

Yet what if all meaning was chosen and if we are open to it , as we interact with another we are offered the opportunity to open to a new interpretation, rather than resisting the reflection, we can choose to open to the adjustment it contributes to our every evolving belief system. Allowing the shift and supporting the change it invokes, as we move towards inclusion not exclusion , in this never ending expansion of our own being .

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