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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

To Experience Love Express Love

We do not need love for we are are Love . Everything is made up of energy , and although it is made up of many frequencies in the spectrum to give the variety that we perceive as the differences of existence, ultimately it is all one energy, and that energy is Love .

In our own lives all of us feel the need for Love and at the core of all our motivations is the seeking of it . All our actions are driven to acquire it , yet no matter how hard we try they seem to fall short . For even when we gain adulation from many it somehow does bot land , why?

The reason is that we are the love we seek yet we blocked our expression of it at an early age , and most of our energy is used in withholding the natural out flow of our being which is Love . So exhausted by this internal suppression we feel the lack and then prevent our authenticity in order to try and gain that which we possess all along .

There is only one solution, stop blocking ourselves , for the purpose of our life is to be a conduit for the love that we are . We can never feel the love we seek from the outside, we can only experience it when we express it from the within us out in to the world around us .For in loving all aspects of the exterior we accept and love all aspects ourselves and come home to the real nature of who we truly are .

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