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The BIG U BLOG - 8/14/20 -Fueled by Passion

When we are seeking to access energy there are two ways we can do this, either we can be fueled by passion or driven by pride.

So often in our lives when we truly look at the drive that motivates us through our challenges it is an egoic pride, a proving of our worth by showing that we will not be broken or defeated by what we perceive to be the challenges against us. However this type of pushing against the world,Is based in separation and presumes that we have to compete against others in order to succeed and prove our worthiness.

Ultimately this results in exhaustion and depression because we realize that the one we are trying to prove to is ourselves.

The other way is to surrender the idea of making yourself better through exterior achievements, but rather realizing that it is the expression of your innate and true creativity and passion that when expressed , you tap into the unlimited eternal energy source and it fuels you with an abundant enthusiasm and exhilaration .

When you approach your life from this perspective you become very aware that you are on course because during and after this outflow of joy , you are energized and feel lighter and more vital than ever!

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