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In our everyday life we will set about looking for our experiences to bring us fulfillment . Choosing from a place of past experiences to try and replicate the feeling we felt , with people places and things , believing that it is the outside world that causes our happiness.

Yet this way of being can lead to us being attached to certain outcomes , feeling that is the best way for us to feel good yet it can lead to dissatisfaction when things seem to go another way . Once we have seen this many of us start to avoid situations that we could potentially enjoy because we wish to avoid the disappointment that arises. Instead we make safe choices which ultimately have us playing our lives small .

The issue here is that we are looking at things backwards. Life does not happen to us we happen to life . The external world is a reflection of our internal reality, so when we look to be fulfilled from the outside we will always get reflected that which we are experiencing within, which is the lack of that . True fulfillment is within us when we stop grasping and instead of suppression we choice to express the love we are. Living from inside out every moment we then create a world that reflects that beauty.

Bring the love you are to every moment today??

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