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Don't force change to attract what you want be yourself to harmonize with what you get

Often in life we find ourselves trying to change who we are to fit some self imposed idea of who we think we should or need to be in order to get something we want , yet in actuality what your getting is always a direct reflection of who you are being , yet what you need will be more harmonious if we instead stop trying to change for an exterior gain and instead be who we truly are and harmonize with what we get .

What we are getting in each moment is what we need , or rather what our soul needs to create the next step of our evolution . So if we are wearing an self enforced mask of change , pretending to be something other than who we truly are this moment, we will receive experiences that will challenge that and influence our course back toward our authentic self , and thus serving us .

Yet if we are willing to be vulnerable and courageously walk the path of authenticity we will create experiences that directly reflect that and serve our journey more harmoniously, so when you come across friction don't look to the outside look to the inside and ask yourself what inauthentic expression of yourself do you need to drop to allow for your life to get in tune .

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