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All Issues we witness are a reflection of our own and lead us to our own healing

When a someone we encounter in our life has an issue that seems to spill over and effect us we can be tempted to say "it is their problem" and imagine that it has nothing to do with us , conveniently pushing it away and blaming the other for the situation. However this negation stops us from understanding its relevance to us and why it has occurred in our life .

Everything that we experience in our lives is a direct reflection of who we are , and is poignant for its effect on us , how we feel about it is actually why we have witnessed it for there is a corresponding issue within us that we are being called to look at .

If we are willing to accept that everything that seems to be happening to another is offering us an opportunity to self reflect , we can discover a part of ourselves that is calling for attention . When we are willing to own our part in every situation we can start to be grateful for all that we experience with another , and utilize the trigger it ignites to bring about our own healing and lead ourselves to a greater sense of well-being.

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