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We are all influenced by attraction the magnetic force that pulls two seemingly separate but alike energies together. We can be attracted to many people places and things , and mostly we believe its something we want . In its negative sense we see it as something to possess and control and this has given those of us with good natured heart to see attractiveness as something shallow. Yet what is often triggered by sight is also leading us to something deeper below the surface.

When we find something attractive it is because it has ignited something deeper in ourselves and if we negate its power due to our wish not to feel judged as shallow ,we can miss out on that gift we are are being drawn towards .

The deeper reason for this as the law of attraction says , is that like attracts like . There is some attribute in whatever we are attracted to that we already possess in ourselves. The Essene's called this principle 'the Mirror of Love' and it talks directly to this point , where we have a hidden aspect of ourselves that we have judged and held back and the object of our attraction seems to boldly emanate it .

So when we feel attracted towards something Instead of trying to possess it realize it is a sign that we already possess that quality and let it courageously come forth from within you .

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