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“When you feel something is missing look inside you will find what you lost was there all along”

Whenever we are feeling out of sorts or depressed or simply like something is not in alignment,

we normally start to look outside of ourselves, to shift our attention away from this feeling, To eat or drink something, to watch or listen to something, to distract ourself in someway.

When this doesn’t work we look outside of ourselves for the answer in a person, place or thing, yet where it actually is to be found it’s so simple yet profound, for the reason we felt it was missing was that it was within us all the time,

yet hidden behind a wall of protection.

It is time to open up the wall and access all the beautiful talented wondrous parts that have been suppressed in an effort to protect them and yet because of that you have depressed yourself.

Look deep inside for that Magic and Discover it’s power through sharing it and expressing it with those in your life.

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