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When seeking direction silence the mind so you can hear your higher voice

Often we are confronted with many options, and Our logical mind goes about looking at all the pros and cons for each decision. We way up things, we check balances and we play out scenarios, this can be a very exhausting and ultimately confusing method and sometimes we can even come to a logical conclusion that just doesn’t feel right in our gut.

This is the time to take a break to pause, to take a walk in nature to sit by the ocean to meditate by a river, and to invite the silence. To quiet the mind and to notice your breathing and follow the root of it into your chest and ultimately to your heart. Allow the calm to wash over you and invite your higher voice to enter the discussion.

Whether we call it our inner voice , insight, instinct or many other names we will find that in that stillness, a clarity .arises and a feeling, a direction and whether this makes sense or not the feeling is what is essential here. When it feels risky but right, it normally is, for ultimately truth requires risk.

So Quieten your mind so you can hear your higher voice and let it guide you from its vantage point where you can see above all your daily fears towards your greatest evolution.

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