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Inner confidence Breeds Outer  humility

Many of us, see humility, as some kind of weakness. We associate being humble with somebody who surrenders and allows the other to win. We have a false idea that this equates to weakness, and so we often try to avoid being humble, and instead seek to give off an air of confidence in everything we do .

However, this is a complete misunderstanding as the ability to be humble allows us to truly learn. For when we portray a false confidence that we know everything, we actually block ourselves from learning, and often repeat patterns of behavior that do not serve us in attempt to look capable.

The interesting thing is that when we are truly confident with ourselves, and understand what we know, and what we don't, we do not need to prove ourselves to anyone. This allows us to truly move into life with the gift of humility, because without the insecurity, we trust the life will all us always teach us wisely, and we have the confidence in ourselves to engage life with a beginners mind.

What opportunity is facing you that you can enter with humility ?

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