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Updated: Jan 12

Compulsion creates repulsion Invitation creates collaboration

When we are forced to do something we naturally have an aversion to doing it.

When we are children, and then later as teenagers, we are constantly being told what to do and how to do it, and it creates a natural repulsion. At school, and at home many things are compulsory, meaning we have no choice, and this creates an inner rebellion within us where we cannot wait to become adults and make our own choices.

However, when we grow up what we don't realize it's a lot of those choices come with responsibilities, and as we take those on, we become our own headmaster, literally a master in our head that constantly tells us the things we have to do. We forget we are at choice and we build an internal rebel that subconsciously sabotages a lot of the things we are wishing to achieve.

When we become parents ourselves or bosses, we adopt a similar mindset and wonder why it creates resistance in our children and our employees. The new paradigm humanity vr 3. Suggest instead that we recognize that when we invite somebody or ourselves, there is an inherent choice in the invitation allowing somebody to choose freely, which it creates the foundation for healthy collaboration.

What areas of your life can you invite? Healthy collaboration?

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