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The BIG U - Anger 9/3/20

All anger comes from the suppression of your truth

All of us have a store of anger inside of us. And at times of stress or pressure the lid that keeps it suppressed can become unhinged and it is released. We feel that the trigger or challenge that ignites anger is the cause yet it is only the latest irritant that creates the eruption for the anger has been built up over your lifetime.

Throughout our lives, generally starting at a very early age we are taught and then adopt suppressing a truthful expression for the benefit of receiving approval. Without even realizing it as young children we become people pleasers seeking to avoid conflict, upset or disruption for we want to be loved and sabotage our own authentic self for this.

As this continues throughout our life it becomes more and more subconscious and we develop an inner muscle which requires a lot of our strength, to hold back on natural expression for the sake of presenting the world with a more desirable, likable or approved of version of ourselves.

Eventually this lake of suppression becomes too much and either through illness, stress or emotional challenge we can no longer hold ourselves back and the anger that has been stored builds like a fire to find release. Often surprising us and those around us because it can seem from a certain perspective to be over reactive.

This is the time to start acting with courage and allowing your authentic self to guide your decisions and your agreements in your life to realize the anger is being triggered to show you this unhealthy pattern that you have adopted and that it is time to change your ways, to commit courageously and boldly to the truth and to act and live from that perspective. For when we stop holding back ourselves we relax the war of judgment inside of ourselves and allow our inner guidance to redirect our life with integrity and optimism.


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