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All Gain leads to attachment

All Loss leads to Evolution

In modern society we are lead to believe that less is bad and more is good , a mentally that leads to a consumer mindset that is always trying to acquire more stuff and seeing this as a success and adversely seeing any outcome that results in a loss as negative one .

The issue with this way of thinking is that it is one that it is at odds with the natural flow of life , that in order to evolve needs to always be letting go of its previous form so that it can transform and be reborn . Just like a Caterpillar that spends its life eating only to cocoon up , literally disintegrate into a liquid goo so that it can remember its dream of being a butterfly.

When we acquire things externally as material goods and internally as beliefs and most if all our own identity, we become invested in this baggage and that turns into an unhealthy attachment that is not willing to let go of who we believe we are . This unfortunately as time progresses limits us and has us become defensive trying to protect our identities and all we own and not realizing the restriction this imposes on us .

Eventually we call in challenging people or situations to remove that which we have valued and once served us but now is limiting our own evolution.

So the next time we feel this change coming or a loss has occurred, take time to grieve , yes , but also celebrate the freedom this will bring. As we are now open to a whole new possible future and transformation free of the attachment to our identity we can transform into who we wish to be now !

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