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Love is the absence of conditions

On Valentine’s Day we are reminded of the Christian priest who despite a Roman decree against it, continued to marry soldiers who the emperor Claudius had wanted to be single so they could fight more effectively in his army . St Valentine was martyred for this and this lead to his day being commemorated for the action of sacrificing for love. However as relationships transitioned from the creation of a family unit to a more idealized romantic one, characterized by novelists and songwriters, this sense of love requiring sacrifice has taken hold and become a perversion of its true essence.

When we see Love in this light we confuse ourselves into believing that to prove our love we must sacrifice ourselves for it, and this gets twisted in to situations where we surrender our authenticity to gain approval from another . And conversely requires others to prove their love for us by their willingness to do the same . We fall into a very conditional scenario where each person becomes less and less their true selves in order to please the other and gain the affection they desire . Yet so often this leads to us doing whatever behaviors will attract the attention of others, yet in the cost of losing ourselves.

When we say there is love and Unconditional love we are confused, for the true definition of Love literally is the absence of conditions. Love is the appreciation of all that is before us , recognizing that the only reason it has presented itself before us is as a reflection of some part of ourselves, that we either approve or disapprove of. Both offering us the opportunity to recognize this and love an aspect of us that we might secretly judge or hide . Love is felt only in its expression and as we remove the blockages to this we allow it to express freely from within us. We then see its impact in the eyes of those before us , reflecting back our divine nature in the absence of desire, we discover we are the source of love overflowing abundantly in the absence of all condition.

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