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Trust the mishaps and misunderstandings they are magic in disguise.

When things seem to be going wrong on a deeper level they are going right , yet our attachment to how we believe they should play out causes us to feel stress.

We have previous ideas that are built on situations in the past and we carry those conclusions forward with the idea that there is a right way for something to occur and when it deviates from this we are irritated thinking it is a mistake . In other cases there can be unexpected mishaps that trigger in us confusion and uncertainty for we feel this is an 'unlucky' incident .

On an every day level this may seem true yet if we are willing to catch ourselves and instead surrender the need to understand why something has shifted but rather trust that it has changed for our benefit . That on a level we might not realize there is an orchestration of events that are aligning for an upgrade So when we surrender the fears and our need for control we start to witness the magic at play in all the events of our life especially the chaos which allows for radical changes to come about .

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