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When the mist of your mind clouds your vision go to the clarity of your heart

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Sometimes we just do not have the answers in our logical mind , we maybe tired or stressed , overwhelmed or reeling from some unforeseen news . In this time we can sometimes start a spiral of worry as we can’t see the answers to the challenges ahead of us , and the mists of our mind seem to cloud all that is ahead of us with too many possibilities .

Yet this is precisely when it is time to drop the mind for although it is a good servant and will work diligently to come up with solutions, we can drive ourselves a little crazy trying to understand all the ramifications, so it is this time that we must go to another source for the clarity we seek.

By meditating we can shut off the many voices of our mind and ask for the Guidance from our heart , what feels right!.. If we are patient, our Inner guidance will allow us to realize that what is true for our journey might not always involve keeping things , as sometimes it’s those very things that are holding us back and need to be let go , so instead of a pragmatic decision we can make a courageous decision one that is aligned with our true calling , and thus we move forward with a sense of peace , clear that we can trust the path we have chosen to serve our highest good.

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