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Updated: May 18, 2022

There are no chance encounters

Every person we meet is our reflection brought onto our path to serve our evolution

We can often be selective in life about who we wish to spend our time with and wether someone is useful or seemingly not relevant, yet what if everyone we met was a reflection of who we are and was giving us an opportunity to see something about ourselves in our interaction with them that would serve our evolution .

When we look from the identification of our ego we can sometimes fail to notice that all people that cross our path are a gift in some way , sometimes subtle , sometimes bold , yet if we are willing to connect from the mindset of unity consciousness we can open ourselves up to discover something new in every interaction.

The universe is always the screen of our life that is receiving the projection from our direction and as such we can gain great insights from every person we

meet if we can drop judgement and separation, instead choose to see what arises in us that these interactions offer to uncover and release .

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