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Updated: May 21, 2022

When what you know becomes too comfortable open yourself up to the excitement of the unknown

When we have arrived at a certain point in our lives we can become a little complacent with our situation , sticking to the known people , places and things where we feel comfortable and safe . Although as a base this is supportive and welcome, when we become to enamored by its security then we can be in danger of become stagnant in our lives and feel our vitality ebb away .

When this happens we will create opportunities to evolve from new challenges that arise to pull us out of our comfort zone and explore new directions, leading us to expand beyond our current chosen boundaries. We can either choose to find this fearful and resist it, causing worry and distress , or we can choose to engage fully in the invitation that life is presenting is with .

In the mystery of the unknown we are offered a chance to discover a whole side to ourselves that we had no idea about and as we trust this process , allowing the old redundant aspects of our nature to fall away, we make space for internal upgrades to occur. Excited by this evolution, we no longer hold ourselves back but invite change and make space in our lives for this to occur.

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