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We all want to be seen in the best light yet so often to do so, we exaggerates ourselves to try and gain approval. We seek to ingratiate ourselves by achievements in many areas. Career, sports, money, possessions, looks and then seek to see that recognized by others .

However this unconscious drive is not serving us for it comes at the cost of our authenticity. In order to gain value from an exterior world we suppress our true internal worth . This behavior becomes habitual and it is not until we realize we have trapped ourselves within an enforced idealized self , that we wish to break free and leave the person place or situation in order to do so .

Instead of presenting our 'best' self we  can choose to have the courage to present our most authentic self . For when we choose vulnerability we create a true connection that serves us and shows us our real worth is below all the ideals . The amazing thing is it takes effort to present our best selves but to be authentic is when we stop trying and its effortless. This creates a life that supports your fullest truest expression and encourages other to do so !

The next person you meet , be willing to be vulnerable!

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