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All plans made with attachment become prisons of mistrust

When we are inspired and an idea for a future event or desire arises , this is a wonderful thing that creates aspiration and focus ,leading to a goal and plans to achieve that .

There is nothing wrong with this IF (and it is a big “if” ) you are unattached to both the how and the outcome , for no matter the idea you have , what is really happening is that the intial spark of desire is perfectly leading you on Journey towards your evolution , and as you undertake that journey things can shift in your internal makeup that requires the journey and its outcome to be altered to best serve who you’ve become in that next moment .

However if we attach to the way something happens and the outward results we then become a prisoner of our own making , we are stating to the universe that we mistrust the perfection that is constantly updating the exterior circumstances to our best advantage and we miss the guidance that is updated in that moment .

This can lead to unwarranted attachment to actuality’s that limi the previously Unthought of possibilities and restrict the opportunity of an upgrade , imprisoning us in a judgment based experience where we feel if it aligns with our plans we are “blessed” things are going right , and if it doesn’t then things are going wrong and we are” damned “ or unlucky .

Yet really, just like a cars GPS system the universal fabric of reality is constantly changing to support where we now are and where we now say we want to be , & it is unswayed by our own egoic limited viewpoint , that with all the best intentions can become a restrictive prison to our evolution, and reveals a deeper mistrust of the gracious and kind nature of life.

So be inspired , make plans , & set things in motion but don’t forget to be spontaneous along the way , to allow those plans to change if they prove to be restrictive & trust life is life is always giving us Upgrades!

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