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One of the marks of being a competent adult is to be aware of all your responsibilities, and make sure you are taking care of business in your life, at work, and with your family. However, when this is out of balance, our duties become more important than our well-being. So in a exaggerated attempt to be responsible, we actually lose sight of how we feel.

The trouble with this is that we start to see a productivity as a means of assessing our worth, and if we achieve our daily tasks, we then reward ourselves, so that happiness becomes associated with reward,

We have reversed the system and it doesn't work, because when you come from a place of stress, your agenda is all about being complete so you can relax & this experience of relief is associated with happiness.

However, our natural state is happiness , felt when we remove all agendas. In the absence of Grasping we are at peace and the feeling of that peace is an inner contentment.

The most fulfilling and positive way to create a life is to surrender all your concerns and relax into your happiness, knowing that everything is taken care of. For when you come from this place of trust and allowing, then you engage the world and your responsibilities without insistence or resistance, allowing everything to flow in harmony, creating a symphony of your life.

What are you obsessed by that is causing disruption , can you release it ??

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