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Most of us are masters of control. We have trained ourselves through adulthood to garb the reins of our life and believe that if we where not careful and attentive that we would come off the tracks and crash . This fear of hitting a situation that we feel is bad or negative to us, is what has us hold oh so tightly to the wheel desperately trying to avoid the obstacles we perceive.

However this tension has us living a life of stress , we try to control everything convinced that there is terrible consequences that will befall us if we don't . Yet this pressure creates resistance to the situations in our life that are asking is to surrender or move on , as we have decided that at its root loss is a negative experience we wish to avoid . When in fact all loss is helping us by removing that which no longer serves us .

The universe is loving in nature and always serving our highest evolution , yet if we are unwilling to trust this we live in a place of restriction and fear , trying to control every outcome . Yet when we are courageous enough to change our mindset we recognize what leaves us by definition cannot be us , and therefore each loss is an act of purification of our true essence allowing space for us to move on to the next greatest step in our evolution.

What are you trying to control that releasing could open a whole new path for you ? Please comment below.

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