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To expect is to demand

To receive is gratitude

Although we all have them , when we wish to advance to the next level of evolution then its time to realize that all expectations are demands . When we see that our expectations that have a how or who attached to it have set up a limitation, that is perceived as a demand by others and the universe .

We are saying that this is the only way and restricts the way that the desire can unfold , yet in truth there are infinite possibilities that are available and when we remove the demand of a specific outcome we allow for the people , places and events in our lives to unravel in unexpected ways and lead to new and unseen opportunities.

This not only free’s us from the stress of feeling we have to control situations to meet our requirements , it also allows for people to pleasantly surprise us and lead us on new journeys. We do not have to remove the visions that arise for us but simple add the line” this Or Something Better” and practice being flexible and receiving from the mystery in gratitude, trusting that all the changes are happening for everyone’s benefit!

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