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Resiliance vs Perseverance


One of the main buzz words of modern  coaching is resilience, to be resilient is to be able to withstand the challenges of life and to remain focus and centered and calm under pressure.

This is a great attribute to have and comes from having the awareness and understanding of equanimity.

Knowing that whatever happens will ultimately serve your evolution.

Yet sometimes we can mistake resilience for obstinance and become so hard and fast in our resistance to the forces of life that we resist the natural order of change that needs to occur . Our life lived is ultimately the tool by which we are shaped and evolved and it is when we recognize this that we can release our grasp to our current form and allow ourselves to be shaped by it .

At our core we have a set of Values that align with source , there are the true qualities of our being , authenticity, peacefulness , joy, optimism, inspiration etc which are the aspects of ourselves to be resilient with , yet our ego , personality, body , mind and emotions are fluid ever changing parts of our continued evolution .

Just like the ocean waves shape and craft  the rocks of the earth so to should we allow Life  to shape our being , knowing that its continued perseverance will reveal the beauty we hold within to the world outside of us.

What trait that seems to be holding you back can you allow to evolve right now ??

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