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Self Compassion


Many of us, without fully realizing it can overextend ourselves and give a lot . What then happens afterwards is we feel drained and as a reaction, we can withdraw shut down and try to recuperate. Although this is obviously a good thing,  what we can reflect on is that when we tried to give too much to others, it is because we want to feel valued in return.

Instead of exhausting ourselves, by giving in that way, what is the most valuable energy we can share is compassion. Compassion is the Nectar  of love.  Not seeking approval or recognition, but simply holding  space for understanding and grace supporting another's Journey .

Instead of feeling drained, which happens when we try to fix or take on responsibility for somebody else's situation, we can hold compassionate support and trust them to take care of themselves. What is a beautiful byproduct of this new way of approaching connections is that we no longer feel drained, and  try to avoid them, and instead it engenders compassion for ourselves, holding ourselves in the same hands of Grace and Ease .

Who can you support a place compassion today ?

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