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Many times in life we are focused on the wrongs we believe others have done to us and how to release our charges and heal the wounds that we perceive where perpetrated upon us. This is difficult because we have used these events to create an extensive defense system that continually replay and recreate to keep the threat level up so that we are always vigilant and retain the attention and necessity of these mechanisms in order to feel safe .

The thing is this way of going through life keeps our sweet, sensitive innocent child self locked away inside a castle of defense , which becomes a prison of restriction , that in order to keep ourselves safe we restrict the expression and joy of our playful soul .

Eventually this becomes so subconscious we don’t realize the crime we are perpetuating on ourselves , believing the end justifies the means .

However this exterior system of Judgement and protection, also effects ourselves and on a deep level we internally know we have done this to ourselves . The hardest forgiveness is to recognize , realize and own this and to drop the internal judge that keeps us so withheld . To release the past and free our inner child, to allow ourselves to be present and innocent in lives , to explore , to make mistakes, to learn from them to recognize that we are always evolving and the parts of us we feel are at risk are not us , for at our core we are always renewed, reborn , resurrected.

So be courageous, forgive yourself for all the protective restrictions you imposed on yourself in the name of safety , forgive yourself for all your judgments ,and.any mistakes or misunderstandings , take each day as an opportunity to be a new , freer , more authentic version of your next most unlimited self .


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