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Within the spiritual community we are told to live for others to serve them , and this is because ultimately the act of service is the greatest thing we can do to invoke our expression of love .

Yet so often this action of service is coming from an unconscious place of lack , for when we strive to surrender our own choices for others we can unknowingly be creating a secret agreement that we feel they have to adhere too.

We believe when we give to others , that we are a good person and should be recognized for it . Either we wish for acknowledgement from people by way of praise and gratitude or on a grander scale to be gifted with good fortune from the universe. Yet we feel angered or annoyed if this generosity isn't  seen or acknowledged and discover that what we believed was service was actually a trade to bolster our own inferiority.

Ultimately the greatest service must always come from a place of authenticity to be genuine with no expectation of reward , requirement or result laced in its offering.

How we do this is to invest honestly in ourselves , to make authentic choices for our own well being , health-wise, Joyful experiences and being courageous authentic.

If we live from this place never betraying ourselves we access the unlimited resource within us, which is felt in loving those in our our life as acts of joyous service . For when we express this to others without expecting anything in return , we are intrinsically motivated to share and discover the truth of our own abundant nature reflected in their eyes.

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