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Be kind to yourself first for self kindness brings a harvest of love to share

So often we are focused on pleasing others that we forget that the ground of all true generosity is from our own fields . We have been programmed that selflessness is the highest aspiration and from a a perspective of divine abundance this is so , yet so many of us don't realize that if we neglect to nurture ourselves we have a limited amount to share .

From this unconscious dynamic we fall in the perspective of unwritten agreements , where we continue to 'give' to others but instead of a gracious outpouring it is a secret trade and our lives become manipulations looking to fill a perceived lack within us from trading a surface act for a presumed result, often betraying our own integrity in the process .

The Answer here is to realize that by being kind to oneself first ; by tending our own feilds , nurturing our being with Sun and water of generosity and grace, we create a abundant crop of wellbeing within us . When we focus on removing the rocks and boulders of judgement and  guilt we can lavish ourselves,  and from this place of abundance truly share the bounty of our being generously with all we meet .

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