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When we give ourselves space then we can enter each moment with Grace

When we feel pressured in life , we engage with each new experience from a place of overwhelm and can become stressed because instead of being present to each moment we are trying to get through each task with expediency and that energy of insistence not only creates unease for another, but irritation for ourselves at any perceived delay or complication .

We are trying to get through things so we can arrive at a place of rest for ourselves, yet so often we spend our days running from one thing to another and we become burn out and not present to anything or anyone , which results in unsatisfactory outcomes.

The key here is to schedule in spaces within our day where we take 5-15 mins to integrate and assess and release the last situation so we may enter the next clear and present. When we make these breathing spaces a priority, we are showing ourselves we are a priority and then we enter each interaction with out a demand from the other because we know we are the source of our own peace . This grace starts to permeate each connection and defuses not only our stress but invites others to drop theirs as well.

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