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You don't have to stand against someone to stand up for yourself

Sometimes we can feel pushed around by life , and by the people in it and despite our best efforts we can lose our cool becoming quite righteous in our attempt to stand up for ourselves.

Yet the issue here is that quite often we find ourselves standing against someone or something in order to do this . We perceive ourselves as a good person that is helping others , yet then feel taken advantage of when we don't feel this is reciprocated. Then we feel justified in pushing back, which can feel off and create a divide between you both .

The realization is that when we are guided by authenticity we will all

move from the gracious place of giving . Lovingly offering our support or help because it is a genuine opportunity for us to express love , which has no conditions or expectations of gratitude or reciprocity.

So when we find ourselves standing against something or somebody ,it is sign for us to look at our own motivations for our actions and how in some cases if we feel resentful then we have hidden expectations weaved into our generosity, which means its time to act more authentically in the future . Standing for ourselves but not needing to make anyone else wrong in the process .


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