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Surrender to deconstructing

Updated: Oct 23, 2023


When we become unwell and are taken out of action , we are often forced to stop our normal day to day lives and rest so that we can go through the healing process. At first many of us will resist this mentality trying to push through and get back on our feet asap yet that would be missing the deeper opportunity that is being presented here .

All stoppages are perfectly timed to create the conditions to reflect deeply on hidden past events that are emotionally entangled through out our unconsciousness. In normal run of our life we do not have the time or interest to put aside our busy schedules to unpack our layers and discover what is hidden beneath . Yet these long stored memories, thoughts , scripts and playing out in the subconscious of our life effecting everything.

So when we are ready for an upgrade , a reincarnation, we are "gifted" with an  illness, infection or injury that gives us no choice bit to STOP . In our weakened state we have no energy to make something  happen, instead have to accept support and surrender to being helped . In this place of deconstruction we get to allow space for that which is buried to arise usually emotionally, so that we can integrate that which  was buried long ago for our protection , can be integrated back into our beings so that we are a whole , as we only move  forward to our next evolution with no part left behind.

What Part of you are you trying to leave behind that can be invited to evolve ??

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