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We can walk through life's moments looking for the extraordinary and in doing so miss out on that which we deem ordinary . We ignore things that we feel we have already seen and hold nothing new for us and in doing so overlook the gifts they have to offer .

In truth, there are no ordinary moments, only those we pass over without showing up completely to witness them .

Every moment of our life is extraordinary!.. Our very existence as a human being standing on a planet revolving around a star at thousands of miles an hour is a miracle . And if we would stop the mind from dismissing that which we feel we have already known we would see so much more .

Each moment is a brand new, once in a  lifetime reflection of our unique signature in the present moment , appearing before us to reveal something extraordinary . We simply have to get out of our way and let our heart open our eyes and like a detective explore the unfolding creation before us to discover something Wonderful inherent right here and now .

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