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When you surrender the map of the mind, you upgrade to the guidance of serendipity.

The mind is an amazing tool, it's a place where all our learning is stored and available for us to utilize as we navigate life. In this age, we now have an extended mind called the Internet, where if we do not know something we can access information, and therefore all of us have a wealth of knowledge available to us.

As wonderful as this is, however, when we lean into it too much in life, we can find ourselves becoming stagnant as we fall into following the same roots repeatedly through our life. We discover what seems to be the best way, and then we turn it into a subconscious habitand follow that without thinking that there might be another way that could serve us better.

This mind map like all operating systems needs regular updating and to do that we need to surrender our attachment and loosen our rigidity when making decisions. If we are willing to be open minded, to allow for a new way, then we can upgrade our navigation system to the guidance of serendipity, and all the new possibilities it presents.

Make space to a new way of doing an regular task today ??

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