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The ray of truth will always cut through

the clouds of mind

Our mind has many many layers, information gained from many aspects of our lives. From family and friends, teachers, books, media, many different sources all collated in the Corridor‘s of our minds .

The thing with all this information is that it is all so diverse and relates to different aspects of our life and experiences , yet as the memories arr knocked off the conclusions remain and get ground in as “samsara’s” .

An indian word for grooves of life , like on a old fashioned vinyl record the needle of our thinking gets stuck in these grooves and replays the same reactions to situations almost automatically without thinking and thus we get stuck in reacting to life rather than creating something new .

Above this library of beliefs is the light of the present moment shining through with the brilliant rays of truth and if we are willing to be open to always be learning something new we can choose to have the past as reference material , but not law . From this standpoint we can allow the bright exposure of truth to illuminate our present moment with a completely new way of approaching life with openness of heart we can learn to walk in the light .

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