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At momentous times of change in our lives we can face devastating situations where all that we have built in relationships, career or social seems to come crashing down around us , often quickly and unexpectedly and our life is left completely devastated .

Nature mirrors this devastation when massive natural forces build up pressure over time and then are released in the form of earthquakes and volcanoes erupting which create avalanches , tidal waves and forest fires that sweep away large areas of land ,  indiscriminately clearing all natural and human habitats alike of all that had been previously grown or built.

These Acts of God where understandably perceived as disastrous and lead to a belief of a judgmental and temperamental God that needed to be appeased . Yet what if these occurrences in nature and in our lives where not punishment but a complete reset of everything so that in its wake  a invitation for a new , more balanced, more prosperous situation can occur .

Free from the past restrictions of our identities and everything that defined them we are reborn into the next evolution of our being , a living  act of reincarnation.

Reflect on what situation in your life seemed devastating but lead to a reincarnation ??

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