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Acceptance removes the resistance to abundance

In the polarized view of the world that most people adopt , seeing things as either good or bad , we are all ready to accept  something we perceive serves us but resistant to that we think does not . We think that loss is negative so any thing that we perceive that way we resist.Adversely  what insist on things that we believe we will gain something from .

However the truth is that this behavior of forcing to get or defending , both create friction in our lives . This effort creates within us a tension needing us to adopt a vigilant attitude , fearful of losing or missing out , which is at the root of our stress and when it happens leads to our feeling of suffering.

There is another choice . Rather than this constant anxiety we can chose to Trust ! When we recognize that there is a divine perfection to our lives , and that which leaves is making space for that which is more in alignment with who we now are we stop holding and grasping and learn to live with an open hand attitude. Trusting this perfection we learn to accept that life is always supporting us and we remove our resistance, dropping our internal barriers to the natural abundance that is our birthright.

What can you stop resisting and accept in your life to allow greater abundance in ?

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