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The projection of rejection is self-imposed

One of the most difficult things that we deal with as a human being is rejection. For most of us, this starts early on in our childhood when our exuberance, in our movement or in our voice creates agitation in others, and they start to disapprove of some aspects of us, which we then learn to shut down.

We program ourselves to watch out for which actions create praise. ie a reward, and which actions create a punishment. We then looked to mimic more of the wanted actions and less of the unwanted ones.

However, what this does is creates a relationship with certain aspects of ourselves that we judge bad and create an egoic subconscious script,  that generally runs for the rest of our life, constantly suppressing any parts of us that we're not approved of.

This continuous self imposed rejection happens unconsciously as we grow into adults, but as we get closer in relationships, we wish to be loved for who we are, and seek to vulnerably expose these hidden aspects of ourselves. however, because we have suppressed them for so long, they can be quite awkward and naïve in their expression and create an all to familiar negative reaction in another.

Most of us have our feelings hurt by this and wish to avoid the person responsible and project on them that they rejecting us. Yet if we look deeper like all things in life, this is a reflection of our own self-imposed rejection that we have been running subconsciously .

The answer , as always,  is ownership, for when we own that the exterior rejection is an echo of our interior rejection we can work on being more compassionate with ourselves.  Being willing to allow the hidden voices of exuberance to find their way and welcoming these  suppressed  aspects of ourselves will in return create a more compassionate understanding relationship with others.

Look at where you have rejected yourself and welcome that part of you Home !

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