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when the trauma of the past no longer serves us It is time to draw the line and leave it behind

We all have trauma in our lives. Incidents that of happened that have impacted us in a seemingly negative way that we carry within the matrix of a subconscious. They affect every decision we make, for they are like a wound that we are always trying to avoid touching and navigate our relationships looking to attract situation that soothe them and stay away from ones that would aggravate them .

When are are ready to evolve and have reached the point of Self Revolution , we can feel the restriction that holding onto these wounds has on our life, and if we are willing, can see how that carrying that wound has served us . Each one we kept was added to our baggage , which we feel the need to protect, so we don’t repeat that feeling of suffering . So we hold onto memories of pain and from the point of our ego it remind us of the trauma and ensuring we stay safe yet never truly removing the thorn from the wound.

As you can see this fear has had certain merits and that is why we constructed it that way , but there comes a time when a line must be draw in the sand and drop our addiction to our past trauma. To realize the repetitive cycle this is creating , recognize and be grateful for there service , yet be willing to leave them behind . To release the limitations this has imposed on our evolution by our insistence to keep ourselves safe. To see that what we thought could be lost was not us and what we truly are can only be found when we drop our stories and embrace the freedom of the Bold of Heart !

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