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Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Many of us have a unrecognized boundary that subconsciously restricts our manifestations in every moment . We have decided , with heavy influence from society , culture and community , that certain things are possible for us and other things simply impossible.

We live in a limited version of existence falsely assuming that if we don't know howsomething can come about then it can't come about . No matter how intelligent we are if we believe something is impossible we will prevent it from occurring because we fail to see the options that arise outside of our normal parameters of understanding. We only pay attention to that which we deem useful to our ideology and unfortunately miss out on anything that doesn't align.

The key is to stop this limitation and instead open to All possibilities without judging wether we think they will serve us or not . Beyond our small selfs limited perception is a much grander perspective that has an infinite over view of frequencies of reality way beyond whats in front of us. When we widen our receptors and allow things to arrive from unexpected and new ways what we previously thought was impossible becomes miraculously available.

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