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When we weave empathy with Sexuality we create real intimacy

in modern times we have become so protective of our heart yet still yearning for connection that a lot of us approach each other with sexual attraction and allow that energy to be the dominant force in the initial connection.

However this has become another method by which we distance ourselves from feeling, we are trying to avoid feeling pain of rejection and thus we have an overt sense of sexuality and connect physically and yet seek to keep our heart safe.

This leads to an accelerated level of sexuality occurring early in a relationship and yet what we were yearning for which was intimacy is missing, and so is unfulfilling after the initial rush.

The secret here is to be willing to risk opening your heart upfront to feel and engender empathy with the person you are connecting with and to allow sexuality to blossom slowly of its own accord with that empathic route when we do this we are able to feel more and connect more through our whole beings and this leads to the real sense of intimacy and real soul reflection that we were searching for in the first place.

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