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What irritates you illuminates you

Many of us have certain things that irritate us, and often we know what they are, and so we seek to avoid them and avoid the irritation. However, this then causes us to navigate our lives from a place of avoidance, and often we can totally ignore some very interesting experiences that might prove to be of service.

Ultimately as we grow older, we learn that avoidance doesn't actually work what we seek to move away from we actually end up moving towards in a new way,  with a new person or situation and eventually we learn that resistance only breeds insistence.

What irritates us is actually serving to illuminate us. It shines a light on the areas in our life where we are stuck. Where we have sort to hide some aspect of ourselves due to past pain, trauma, or suffering yet the opportunity, here is when we feel irritated to move towards it, for if we are willing to open ourselves with equanimity to the lessons, it brings it will actually lead us to the healing of the wounds we previously sort to hide from.

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