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No matter which direction we choose we are always on our way home to our true self.

Every moment in life we are offered choices , some feel

Important other less so , and on the level of that moment each choice does define us and sets the course forward leading us to the next one .

We can either choose the easy choice or the risky choice , the choice that supports the Small you or the choice that embraces the BIG U , the choice of safety or the choice that requires you to step out of your comfort zone.

The choice of truth will always require risk , as it confronts us to risk the lies or doubts or fears, we hold about ourselves asking us to drop them in favor of a new and unrestricted way of moving forward in life.

However which ever choice we make along this path of life , will ultimately always serve us as we explore ever step those forward and those back , we discover the truth of who we are and who we are not and eventually if we keep walking and are committed to the discovery with judgement of the right and wrong choice we will always be moving towards our true home , our true being in love and unity with All .

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