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A New Direction

‘In times of melancholy separation,

we feel the loss of an old foundation, grief and anxiety offer no protection, only the dawning of a new perception, so fear not the past’s rejection,

welcome now a new direction!’

(Today i share a poem I wrote over 20 years ago , and its amazing to me how timeless the nature of reality is for this poem is so perfect for me on this day as I say goodbye to a past connection and realize the BiG U aspect of myself os always with me sending me compassionate wisdom , written then but delivered and heard now .)

When a connection ends the separation we can feel can create a uneasy feeling as our foundation seems to shift yet after grieving the space allows for a new perception to dawn , and the realization that in this seeming rejection is perfectly allowing a nee direction to occur .

Every shift in our life that seems to have a loss is actually a course adjustment, an opportunity to let go of the past in gratitude and to make space for a whole new future more aligned to who we now choose to be !

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