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Allow what is ,

Drop resistance.

Accept what is,

Receive the gift.

Be grateful for what is,

See the value in ALL

Rather than resisting life experiences when we find ourselves feeling uncomfortable , notice and own the irritation as your own thorn that is stuck and wishes to be removed . By allowing what is happening and how we are feeling we can receive the gift of understanding it is pointing too .

Once we reflect on the situation and the feeling that it has ignited in us we can look at the story that is being retold within us and understand this is resurfacing to be brought to peace, so instead of annoyance we can move into gratitude.

Every experience in our lives has value beyond the worldly evaluation of it , everything that comes to us is a reflection of who we are and in that context is serving us to discover something about ourselves that is looking for resolution and release, allowing the continued evolution of our being .

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