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Peace is the ultimate goal of all beings, and  yet is always present deep within us yet we seek it because we resist the surrender it requires to experience it. So often we are disrupted by events and situations around us, and we believe this is why we do not feel peaceful, and we seek to manipulate our lives in order to avoid this disturbance.

The issue with this is that avoidance of that, which disturbs you is the absence of disturbance, not the actual presence of peace. Our true essence is when we are totally present with each experience, and despite the challenge, we experience our self at peace when accepting everything, and do not give it the power to cause us any distress.

When we are simply aware of what is and except it's totally trusting that no matter what seems right or wrong that ultimately it is all serving us, and we accept it and are grateful. This develops equanimity, and each time we do this with deepen more and more into the to the realization and experience of peace that is our inherent nature.

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